Month: June 2010

The Biblical Roots of Mormonism

I recently received a new book by Latter-day Saint authors Eric Shuster and Charles Sale, titled “The Biblical Roots of Mormonism“.  I haven’t finished reading it, however from what I have read so far, this book is essential reading for ALL Latter-day Saints.  Many LDS critics claim that Mormons reject the Bible, or believe that it is full of errors.  This book shows that LDS believe no such thing, and instead find Biblical support for its unique doctrines.  Rooting the Mormon faith in the Bible is important in not only dialogue with other Christians, but in strengthening the testimony of readers in knowing the Biblical foundation for the LDS faith.

Topics discussed in this book include:

-Premortal Life


-Adam and Eve

-God the Father

-Jesus Christ

-The Holy Ghost

-The Godhead



-Apostasy and Restoration

-Revelation and Prophets

-Joseph Smith


-Church Organization

-Church Practices

-Missionary Work

-Ordinances and Covenants

-Faith, Grace, Works


-The Afterlife

-Plural Marriage

-Special Concerns

-Beyond the Bible